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Indianapolis Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys

Indiana Nursing Home Abuse Claims AttorneyWorking for Justice for Your Elderly Loved One
Approximately 3.3 million Americans currently reside in nursing homes and this number is expected to rise in the coming years as the U.S. population continues to age. Unfortunately, as the nursing home population grows, the rates of nursing home neglect are similarly increasing. Reports of nursing home neglect  are generated in one out of every three nursing homes.

Most researchers believe the actual instance of neglect is far higher as much neglect goes unreported.

The nursing home neglect attorneys at the Ward & Ward Law Firm are appalled by the wrongful treatment of the elderly and disabled that reside in nursing homes across the state. As a nursing home resident, your loved one has numerous rights, including freedom from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. If your loved one has been neglected, our nursing home neglect attorneys can help to see that justice is achieved.

Common Forms of Nursing Neglect

Nursing home abuse can be difficult to detect, hence the low rates of reporting. Knowing the most common forms of abuse can help you to recognize neglect or abuse occurring against your loved one.

1. Physical Neglect: Twenty five percent of all nursing home neglect cases involve physical neglect.  Physical neglect can also include the withholding of necessary medication, nutrition, exercise, or fluids.

2. Neglect: Neglect is the most common form of nursing home abuse. Neglect includes the failure to provide adequate medication, food, nutrition, fluids, and hygiene, including oral and dental care, shelter, and security. Neglect can be one of the hardest forms of abuse to spot, so loved ones should visit the facility and monitor the resident closely.

3. Emotional or psychological trauma: This form of trauma accounts for some 40 percent of all nursing home trauma & neglect cases. Emotional and psychological trauma involves the intentional infliction of distress, pain, or sadness through verbal or non-verbal means. While no physical scar is left with this form of trauma, it seriously affects the victim’s psyche.

4. Financial exploitation: Nursing home residents are heavily reliant on their caregivers, including management of their finances. This leaves them vulnerable to fraud. Financial fraud is a common form of nursing home abuse and occurs in several different ways. Some common exploits include theft of the nursing home resident’s cash, debit, or credit cards, identity theft, and requests for money or gifts. Healthcare fraud is another common financial exploit conducted by physicians and other healthcare workers. In this sort of fraud, the victim or his or her insurance company is charged for medical services that were never performed. Healthcare fraud is illegal and dangerous as the victims of this fraud may not receive the medical care they need.

Indianapolis Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys Protecting the Elderly

The perpetrators of nursing home neglect & traum prey upon some of the most vulnerable members of our society. This disturbing practice is common and alarming. The Indianapolis Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys at the Ward & Ward Law Firm strive to protect the elderly population throughout Indiana by seeking compensation and justice for the elderly victims of nursing home neglect and physical or mental trauma.

Our dedicated and compassionate attorneys will aggressively work to see that your loved one is made whole after the occurrence of nursing home neglect or traumatic incident.

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